Formula BMW Ferrari 1991 F1 Livery


3 Responses to “Formula BMW Ferrari 1991 F1 Livery”

  1. Anonymous Racer says:

    Can you do a FBM skin for all the years of Ferrari. I create replica vehicles and I only have the 2 you did.

  2. iSimon says:

    Hey, I think I played with you today. I used this skin. What’s your in-game name and do you play the demo? Also, have you registered these skins and can the others see it?

  3. Bean0 says:

    Hi there,

    I don’t think it was me, my in-game name is usually CR|Bean0.
    I play demo servers occasionally.

    Some of the skins are uploaded to LFSWorld by myself, and some by other people, with only 50 slots available I cannot upload them all.
    If the skin is not uploaded, you will see an error message when you leave the pits.


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