BF1 Brawn GP Livery


5 Responses to “BF1 Brawn GP Livery”

  1. Slowflow says:

    Thanks man, great detail, solid work.

  2. Xcon0wn4g3 says:

    Where do I put the file and how do I apply it to the vehicle?

  3. Bean0 says:

    See for instructions how to use the skins.

  4. josh thomas says:

    congrads mate great job looks bloody sick. hope uve got the time to do all f1 skins especially ferrari. wink wink. na na for real though great work wish i could do it from scratch myself ! keep up the hard work.

  5. Bean0 says:

    Thanks mate.

    A skinpack for the 2009 season was made by Atteiros and is available from LFS Forums.

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